About Ustar

 Ustar is a high-tech molecular diagnostic company dedicated to the research & development, manufacture and sales of innovative POCT molecular diagnostic products. The company has a number of patents to protect our proprietary rapid molecular diagnostic technologies, including: crossing priming isothermal nucleic acid amplification, a fully enclosed device for nucleic acid extractionplification/detection, all in one device. More significantly, we have developed a unique reagent glassification technology for reagent (especially enzymes) stability. 

The company has integrated these technologies into a fully automated platform, and the products based on this unique platform help to break through the following “bottle necks”:

High costs:  Innovations on instrument & cartridge to reduce the costs

The need for sophisticated Lab: No need.  “Molecular testing, anywhere!”

Risk of cross contamination:  enclosed cartridge, minimize the risk

Highly skilled operators:  Fully automated, minimum manual operations, easy to use

Cold chain transport:  Stabilizes reagents, transport at ambient temperature (up to 45oC)

These features of our products allow molecular diagnostics to be performed at all levels of medical facilities. 

Ustar's POCT diagnostics has been widely supported by the government and NGOs, such as the Chinese CDC, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF etc. 

Ustar's molecular testing products can be used not only in high-end hospitals, but also in primary hospitals in developing countries, and at resource-limited locations. Our vision is “Molecular Testing, anywhere”.

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