Core Value

We look forward to your joining!  Let's work together and make progress to achieve the goal of "Molecular Testing, Anywhere ". We look forward to your superior performance!

Work in Ustar:

The core values of Ustar: Honesty and Integrity, Winning through Innovation,

Efficient Execution, Unity and Team Work.

Ustar adheres to the concept of “people-oriented, employing talents". We provide employees with good compensation packages and career development programs.

Compensation and Benefits:

Compensation: Fixed Salary, Performance Bonus, Social Security Insurance and Paid Annual Leave.

Benefits:Meal Allowance,Transportation Allowance, Phone Allowance,Temperature Fee,Holiday Benefits, External Training, Annual Physical Examination, Regular Travel ,Team Building Activities.

Career Development Programs:

· New Employee Orientation:

 GeneralTraining: Work Partner Program,ProfessionalKnowledge Learning Program,Face-to-face Training Program.

 Probation Management: Confirmation Pre-notification, Standard Procedure, Probation Interview.

·On-job Training:

 Company Level Training:Provide product and technology,general knowledge, workflow training.

 Position Training: Provide practice training of skills by means of "passing,helping and taking".

·Individual Training:Provide internaland external training resources according to personal development needs.

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