China Focus: Chinese health innovators earn applause

Time:2014-10-10      Views:313

Two of China's top health innovators held the spotlight at the recent Grand Challenges Initiative anniversary meeting, a grant competition set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, earlier this month. 

The grant organization, aiming to solve key health problems for the poor through innovation and technology, honored You Qimin during the 10th Grand Challenges Anniversary on Wednesday. 

"I feel that the whole world is embracing me," You said on the last day of the meeting, held from Oct.6 to Oct.8 in Seattle. He was among more than 1,000 participators from 47 countries attending the anniversary.

Earlier this year, You, the CEO of  Hangzhou-based Ustar Biotechnologies, was funded 11.27 million U.S. dollars from the Gates Foundation. 

The company had received a grant from the Grand Challenges Canada in October 2011 to develop and market an innovative, portable, low-cost and rapid nucleic acid test for HIV and TB(tuberculosis). It is the first Chinese company to receive such funding. 

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