Platform Introduction

This is a new molecular diagnostic platform which achieves “samples in, results out”. No special requirements for operators’ skills and usage environment which is suitable for on-site rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic mutations, gene expression changes, etc.The platform consists of a fully automated nucleic acid analyzer and a disposable nucleic acid detection device (with all detection reagents pre-loaded). The users only need to add the sample to the disposable nucleic acid detection device, and then put it into the fully automated nucleic acid analyzer and start it in "one button". One or more test results will be reported in as fast as 30 minutes.Compared with the similar products worldwide, this product greatly simplifies the detection workflow and eliminates the requirements for professional molecular laboratories and technicians. Therefore, it can significantly reduce the economic burden of patients, and also can meet the sample detection requirements of centralized central laboratories as well as primary medical institutions. This technology platform is independent innovation of Ustar, which is at top level in this area in the world.

Technology innovation and advantages of platform

1) Disposable nucleic acid detection device 

■  Fully integrated with all reagents needed for sample detection, one-step sample loading, excellent repeatability;

■  Disposable and closed device, fully sealed operation during the whole experimental process which eliminates the contamination;

■  Great expandability, suitable for multiple sample types and intended use;

■  Co-detection of various diseases, a single sample can report multiple results;

■ Independently innovational design, protected by multiple invention patents;

2) Fully automated nucleic acid analyzer 

■  Used in conjunction with the nucleic acid detection device, only need one instrument to achieve the rapid extraction, amplification and detection of target nucleic acids;

■  Easy to use, fully automated nucleic acids extraction and detection runs in “one button”;

■  No requirements for professional molecular laboratories and technicians, which can significantly reduce the cost;

■  Innovative medical device, protected by multiple invention patents;

3) Crossing Priming Iisothermal Amplification technology (CPA)

■  Rapid exponential amplification of target nucleic acids at constant temperature, amplification and detection can finish in as fast as 8 minutes;

■  Independently innovational design, protected by multiple invention patents;

4) Glassification technology for reagent preservation

■  Cold-chain-free, ensuring the reagents remain stable under extreme condition;

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